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Betsafe Boruc Dance

Real-time marketing viral video

We are resposible for the whole digital appearance of betsafe brand in all online channels. Our last project is an example of real time marketing featuring the brand’s ambassador, famous goalkeeper artur boruc. Results? 220,000 you tube views of the video, which literally went viral and was shared and published by the most influential polish and british media: wprost weekly, onet website, espn, The process and creative idea: how did it happen? The brand’s ambassador, artur boruc was offended by one of his twitter followers. The hater wrote “you’r so f***** stiff! Dudek had his dudek dance in the goal at least!”. We’ve decided to make the best out of this situation, luckily – artur was in poland, so in just a few days, we prepared a video response to the provocative comment -“boruc dance”.

The results were amazing and media equivalent value has exceeded the production budget several times!