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Mad Potion Launch

Launch of new fragrance in the coty poland portfolio

Our task was to create activities to introduce katy perry mad potion fragrance onto the polish market we have based these activities on the package, which brings to mind the world of magic, and the perfume’s hypnotizing scent. Everything in accordance with the strategic and aesthetic line set out in the global atl campaign

We precisely defined the target group and its natural environment. We selected the words that became grounds for activation. Halloween party internet. Teenagers were the target group. That is why we have invited vloggers with high affinity index in the tg: banshee, red lipstick monster and olciaak to work with us.

We were confident that the videos created would generate strong engagement. We made use of the fact that millenials get involved in activities and like to create reality. The vloggers encouraged the fans to vote and decide in which region to hold the halloween event. We gave the last word to teenage girls – we wanted the users to have a real impact on the shape of the party.

The results? We reached 900,000 people who gave as many as 47,000 votes in the contest. We also received over 1,200 contest entries. The materials we prepared earned over 50,000 likes.

We have proven that a simple, well-adjusted strategy guarantees efficiency and success. Not only in the world of magic.