Biuro prasowe

Live Gig

Polish Radio long term content marketing

For one of our clients, polish radio 4, we prepared an innovative content marketing campaign. We came up with the creative concept, artist selection, video production and promotion of the project. New music series called żywy gig (a life gig) is all about collaboration of artists who represent different genres and vision of music. Singer dawid podsiadło and flirtini (a dj/music producers duo) performed during the first show. See the video footage on youtube

In the second edtion, it was karolina czarnecka and producer sodrumatic that wrote a song exclusively for the radio station.

By clashing strong and contrasting music, the radio station tries to emphasize its special approach to culture and influence on polish radiophony and music. “our aim was to promote our brand values and give our listeners new, high quality content, which is essential to polish radio 4: said iwona kostka, the station’s managing director.The “live gig” series was viewed on youtube over 1 700 000 times